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Teen Pregnancy

Learn everything you need to know about teen pregnancy from childbirth educator Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach in this Howcast video.


So what you need to know about teen pregnancy. As a pregnant teenager, your body has a special set of strengths and needs.

Your body is strong, so you have a really good chance of having a healthy pregnancy, especially if you get prenatal care early, and continue to attend prenatal care, and stop using any drugs, alcohol, or tobacco if you're using those.

As a teenager, your uterus is probably strong, and your ligaments and tissues are nice and stretchy, allowing you to have a positive birthing experience. This doesn't always mean a shorter labor, but you'll probably need to have less medical interventions to speed your labor along.

As a pregnant teenager, you'll want to be sure to seek out support from your community, your friends, and/or your school in making decisions about continuing with school, and your options for this pregnancy.

As a pregnant teenager, you may choose to have an abortion, you may choose to parent, or you may choose adoption. Whatever your choice is, make sure you have a lot of support when making this very important choice.

For more help with your pregnancy, visit your city's health department, pregnancy counseling organizations, and/or child birth education community centers near you.

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