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When Should You Go to the Hospital During Labor?

Learn when it's time to go to the hospital from childbirth educator Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach in this Howcast video.


So during labor when should you go to the hospital. One important guide line to remember is 411. When your contractions are four minutes apart for at least an hour and for at least a minute long. The thing about contractions is that you want them to get stronger, longer and closer together. Remember labor takes time. So you are moving from real labor in to active labor. Ideally you are laboring at home for as long as possible so that you can be sure you are in relatively close to active labor or inactive labor when you arrive at the hospital to avoid the possibility of cascade of interventions. One really important thing to remember is the length of the contractions. If you have a contraction that is 60 seconds in length that's great it's probably making lot of cervical change. If your contractions are 3 or 4 minutes apart but they are only 30 20 30 seconds long you might want to wait a little bit longer because that contraction is probably not strong enough to make as much cervical change that is required to get you into active labor. An other to keep in your mind considering when to go into hospital labor is if you ever experience excessive bleeding you should go to the hospital if you have a fall or concerned in general about the welfare of you or your baby you should go to hospital and seek medical advise and that's how you know to go to hospital during labor.

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