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How to Find the Right Childbirth Class for You

Learn to find the right childbirth class from pregnancy doula Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach in this Howcast video. Thumbnail: big bellies by Greencolander


There are many different options for childbirth education courses. Do you take one in your community? Do you take one at your hospital? There are a lot of different things to think about when considering taking a childbirth education class. Some of the different types of childbirth education classes are Lamaze, the Bradley method, birthing from within, hypnobirthing and a new technique developed in 2011 called Fear to Freedom by Karen Brody. A Lamaze class you may thinking of as teaching these breathing techniques like hee hee hee, hoo hoo hoo. They don't do that anymore. Lamaze is evidence-based information about childbirth education.

In Lamaze they talk about the sings and stages of labor, the physical anatomical experiences of the body during birth. In Lamaze they also talk about comfort techniques to use and if you have a partner to attend the childbirth education class with you, they can also review with your partner different comfort techniques that he or she can use to help support you during the birth. In Lamaze classes they will begin with talking about pregnancy, nutrition, and then they will move into talking about the birth experience itself, the signs and stages of labor and then they will also discuss the postpartum period and tips for successful breastfeeding. Bradley Method of childbirth education is a twelve week course that works with you and your partner to help your partner understand how to offer partner led coaching during birth. Hypnobirthing is a childbirth education technique that is designed Marie Mongan.

It's developed to teach you visualization and relaxation techniques to use during childbirth. Fear to Freedom is a new model that's designed by Karen Brody. This model allows women to become connected with their inner selves by teaching them tools to use to connect with their bodies and their voice to have a more empowered birthing experience. In choosing a childbirth education course that's right for you, you might want to consider as well what you're ideal birth experience might be. Are you hoping to have a natural birth? Are you hoping to have a medicated birth? Are you hoping to have a vaginal birth/ A cesarean birth? The most important thing in choosing a childbirth education course is to think about the type of birth that you would like to have so that you can know your options and what possibilities there are. And these are some general guidelines as to how to choose the right childbirth education class for you.

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