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How to Properly Place Your Shoulder Rest

Learn about proper shoulder rest placement from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


So, now I'm going to teach you about shoulder rests and how to place them as well.

There's so many different shoulder rests that you can use. And, when you're choosing for, especially a beginner, less is more.

Now, rarely do you use nothing, because it's very slippery on the back of the instrument. This is where a shoulder rest would go. Because, you know, it's resting on your shoulder, like this.

But, if you use nothing, it's pretty slippery. And, it's more comfortable to have a little bit of friction.

These little sponges, these little red sponges here that I'm holding, you can get at any drugstore. You know, they're makeup sponges. And, one or two of them, for a child, should suffice.

I'm just going to use one. But, if you use two that gives you a little bit more of a lift. And, you just pile them, layer them right on top of one another.

And then, you take a rubber band. I have a hair band, because it's so little. But, you can also use a rubber band, plain rubber band. And you put it around like so.

So, it's covering here. It's going around the button of the violin. And then holding the shoulder rest in place.

And, that should be comfortable enough for most children. And adults, as well.

Now, a lot of people, and you can find all different shoulder rests everywhere. And a lot of people, everybody is unique. And, everybody likes a different kind of shoulder rest.

This is another shoulder rest. This is called a Kun. And, it fits my full size instrument. But, they also have smaller ones.

I personally don't like to recommend these for youngsters. Because they're a little bit limiting. But, I have gotten very used to it and it lifts me up nicely and I feel very secure with it.

And, that's the big thing. You want to feel secure with your shoulder rest.

So, there's this. There's, which is the Kun. Then there's sponges and there's all different. You can even use a regular kitchen sponge and shape it and cut it to your shoulder.

And then, there's something called a Play On Air, which is like a sponge. But, it's black and, sort of, big and it goes around here.

So, you have to experiment. But, whatever feels comfortable.

So, those are the different options for a shoulder rest for your violin.

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