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How to Pick Violin Strings

Learn how to choose violin strings from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


Okay, so when you're thinking about choosing strings for your violin, there's a lot of different strings on the market. What, in general, you wanna look for, is something that matches your violin sound. And when I say that, you want something that's gonna bring out the warmth in your violin, that's going to make your violin ring, you might need to try a couple of different brands to really narrow in on what works best for your instrument. A really great brand that works for a lot of different instruments is the Dominant strings. They're called Dominant. I use them on my A string, my B string and my G string. And the E string, I like to use Pirastro Gold Label, but any of the Pirastro's are good. You have to really just, again, see what's best for your instrument and you might have to try a couple. And then, the other thing is once you put a string on your instrument, you wanna make sure to play it a lot before deciding what to choose because sometimes your string can sound a little but tinny at first. So, you wanna just, really play it a bunch just to make sure and let it settle in, 'cause you might like the string and not realize it at first. And then also, when you first put your strings in, they're going to go out of tune a lot. So, you want to tune them up. So, stretch them out a little bit so that the next day, they're not as out of tune. And, it should take no more than up to a week for your violin to settle in. And, another trick is actually to only change one string in a time, like I'll change the A string, and then I won't change the other strings for another, you know, four days. And, another four days after that, I'll change the G string, and then the E string, though, is an exception. You can change the E string at any point because it really doesn't go out of tune very often. And those are some thoughts on how to pick strings for your violin.

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