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How to Do the Pencil Hold for Practicing Violin

Learn the pencil hold for practicing violin from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


Okay, so, you don't always have access to your violin or your bow. So, instead of using your bow to practice your bow grip, you can use a pencil; whether you're in school or at work.

So, you take a pencil and you pretend you're holding a cup. And you put the thumb and the middle finger around, right across from each other, like so. Make sure your thumb is bumpy. And again, we did this in the previous video of how to hold the bow. And then, you put your ring finger down, your pinky on top, nice and rounded and curled, and then your index finger right below the first knuckle crease, in between the first and second knuckle crease, like this.

And then, you just stay like this for as long as you can, because if you're first practicing your bow grip, it's important to get this feel. So, if you're just watching TV, or you're in class, you can practice it and just hold it like this, and make sure that all the fingers are in the right spots. So, that's the way to practice your pencil-hold bow grip.

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