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Right Hand Finger Exercises for the Violin

Learn right hand finger exercises for the violin from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


Okay. So now, I'm going to teach you about right hand, finger exercises.

Once you have mastered your bow grip, then you need some flexibility in your fingers so that when you are moving the bow on the violin, your fingers are nice and relaxed, and they can balance at different points on the instrument.

I definitely want to stress that, if you are a beginner, it's very important just to hold the bow like this, and not move your fingers too much because you want to really get the feel of this perfect bow grip with the thumb being bent, and the pinkie being curled on top. If you add too much flexibility to it, the bow grip sort of falls apart.

So this is for a more advanced player who's been playing a while and has a nice bow hold, but wants more flexibility in their bow grip. So here are some exercises.

What you do is, put your bow, again, very straight, vertical, and the hairs face you, and you have a very curly bow hold, at first. Then, you see, you go, actually you put your left hand at the bottom of the bow, and try to reach it. It's about couple of inches away. You straighten your fingers like so. Then you go up again and curl. Straighten, curl. Straighten, curl. Straighten, Curl.

This is a lot harder than it looks. So you need, the way that it feels is pretty firm, but with some looseness. But you do have to really hold the bow with a nice firmness for it to work. Not too loose, not too tight. And this is a really good exercise for the fingers on the bow, because when you're playing on the violin, this will really come in handy.

So those are some exercises for flexibility in your right hand.

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