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What Are Finger Patterns on Violin?

Learn finger patterns on violin from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to talk about finger patterns in the left hand when you're playing the violin. As I mentioned in the previous segments about Schradieck being a wonderful etude exercise and it should be part of every student's study repertoire, we spoke about Schradieck in terms of the left hand strike in a previous segment, but now we're talking about finger patterns. And that's very important, to have different finger patterns, so that you have muscle memory of where the fingers go and have them be really, really, you know, be very, lots of dexterity in the left hand and be light. So, you want the articulation, but you also want the dexterity and finger patterns help to give you that. So, here's an example of different finger patterns in Schradieck. And so, if you do, there's like 25 of them, I think. And you're supposed to do, you know, four times each line. And it's really helpful in building strength of the fingers, but then also the dexterity of the fingers.

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