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What Is a Violin Concerto?

Learn what a violin concerto is from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


Violin concertos are a very important part of the overall violin repertoire and they're probably the most famous of all the violin repertoire. There's Back concertos, Mendelson concerto, that's a very, very popular one in e minor. There's Brooke concertos very popular.

And also Cavalesky, Catchetarian . There's lots of them. Sansong concerto, Devoirak concerto, Brahms concerto. What a concerto is, is usually, not always, but usually a three movement work. The first movement is on the faster side. Slow movement is the second movement and the third movement is very lively, faster work movement. And you usually start playing the concertos after you've been playing a while and you'd want to play them in a certain order. Like you would want to start with the Back A minor is a good concerto to start with. That's probably one of the first one's you would do.

Even before that you can play the Accolade concerto is a good first learning concerto. And then there's a reading concerto for even lower level that you can play. And then as you get higher in level you play the real standard concertos like Mozart concertos. And then there's Brooke concerto. And there's also the Mendelson concerto. So lots to look forward to in playing concertos when you play the violin because not every instrument has such beautiful well known concertos as the instrument the violin does.

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