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How to Play G, A & B Notes on Violin

Learn how to play G, A, and B notes from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to talk about where all the Gs are on the violin, all the Bs and all the As.

First the Gs. Here's the lowest G. That's the open G. Then you have third finger on D string, that's the next G. Then you have second finger on E string. Those are all the first position Gs that you can play. If you start shifting, you can then play more. That's a really nice high G.

OK. Then you have A. Here's the lowest A, first finger on G string. Here's open A. Third finger on E is an A. Then, if you shift up on the E string, you can play the nice high A.

The B note is second finger on G in first position again. First finger on A is another B. Again, first position. Then, fourth finger, first position on E. Then, if you shift up nice and high, you'll get that really high B on the E string.

Those are all the Gs, the As and the Bs on the violin.

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