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How to Play Slurs on Violin

Learn how to play slurs on violin from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


So now we're going to talk about slurs on the violin. A slur, by definition, is when you join two or more notes in one bow. So, for instance, this is a G and an A, but they're separate bows. And now I'm going to slur the two of them together. I make both of them on one down bow. And you can, slurs are all over violin music. You can practice slurs in your scales.

There's slurs in most violin pieces. And it's nice to have to really make fluidity within the note. What's very important though, and you most think about when you're playing slurs, is to keep the left hand very articulate. Now, we spoke about the left hand in a previous segment, about how to attack the fingers and make them fast going down and fast going up. And that's very important when you're playing slurs especially, because you're not having the articulation from the bow.

You need the left hand to do it. So. That sounds clear because I'm pressing the fingers down nice and quickly. And so, even though I'm playing slurs, it's still nice and clean. But, if I played like this. I put my fingers down slow and I raise them pretty slowly. Then, slur doesn't sound as good. So make sure when you're playing your slurs that you're left hand is nice and articulate.

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