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How to Find Good Violin Practice Music

Learn how to find good violin practice music from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


How do you find good violin music for practicing? Obviously it depends on your level. It depends on whether you have a teacher, or if you're just doing it yourself, but mostly on your level. Hopefully you have a teacher who's guiding you in the right direction.

When you're choosing music to practice the violin, you want to make sure you have a scale book, an etude book, and one or two pieces that you're working on. That is the most important that you want to choose. Now when in terms of scales, I like the Scales Studies Book by Hrimaly H-R-I-M-A-L-Y, and in the back there's a terrific three octave scales, and fingerings. Also Carl Flesch Scales. That big book is very, very helpful because it also not only does it have scales but it also has thirds, and sixths, and octaves, and fingered chords, and so that's very, very helpful to also have in your library.

After your scales you should also have etudes. Left hand finger exercise etudes like Schradieck, right hand exercises like Sevcik, and you should also have, depending on your level, again, intermediate level, and you want to start with a little bit of Kreutzer, and Fiorillo, and before Kreutzer I would start with a little Wohlfahrt. So, all these you can find at your local music store, or online at

And then a couple of pieces I would try, depending on your level a gain, you may want to start a concerto. If you're playing a concerto you also want to pair that with a shorter piece. For instance, you might be playing the Bach concerto, and a good compliment to that would be a romantic piece from the Chrysler book, that has all this great little pieces like Sicilian and the Gideon, and the Meditation, or Liebes Lied. Meditation is not in that book, but the Liebes Lied is in that book. So there's lots of different options, but that variety should definitely be there when you're picking music.

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