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Good Beginner Songs for Violin

Learn some good violin songs for beginners from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


So let's talk about good violin songs for beginners. The way I was started when I was a little girl; I started on the Suzuki method which is a very popular method to begin children on playing the violin. What it is is specific songs in books. And there's book one, book two, book three, book four, book five. And there's certain pieces that you have to play in order.

But you don't learn them by reading music at first. At first you're playing the tape over and over again in your house. And you're learning it like that, just by ear. So whether you're learning it by ear or whether you're learning it by looking at the music at first the most popular, popular piece to play on the violin is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

And what's so great about this piece is that there's lots of variations you can do on it; different rhythms, which is very helpful for children, learning different rhythms. I like to call this rhythm "Mississippi Hotdog". And there's other rhythms like "Stop Listen".

Another great song to learn on the violin from the Suzuki method again is "Lightly Row". So it's very important that you learn pieces especially at the beginning. But always that you learn pieces that are at your level. You don't want to go too high because then you'll just get frustrated. You want to wait until you hit the harder pieces when you really really can do them no matter how exciting it is to go faster. So really those two pieces were in Suzuki book one. And I believe in that whole book. It's just terrific for beginners.

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