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How to Play Canon in D on Violin

Learn how to play Canon in D on violin from musician Julie Artzt Becker in this Howcast video.


The Canon in D is very popular piece played by quartets, at weddings and things like that.

I'm going to teach you just the very beginning in 1st position, a very easy part of playing Canon in D so you can learn it at home. You put your first finger on F#, in 1st position E string.

Then open E, then D on the A string, 3rd finger. C# on the A string, 2nd finger. 1st finger on the A string, B.

Open A, First finger B again, C# on A, 2nd finger, and you can play that a couple of times through. Here it is a little faster.

That's the beginning of the beautiful Pachelbel Canon in D.

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