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How to Do a Slide Double Hop Dance Move

Learn how to do the slide double hop dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Hey guys whats up? So the next step we're going to do is called the slide double hop. This is also basic step for cardio, but the hop is gonna work your legs out, that impact of jumping up and down is going to work your thighs, work your hamstrings, and of course your calf muscles. Okay, so you're going to start over sliding to the right. Okay? So you're going to slide, and then you're just going to hop two times double hop. Slide, two hops, one, two, that's it let's do it slow again. Slide big slide, double hop, and this slide works the inner and outer thighs, double hop. Cool? So now we're going to take it up in tempo. It's going to be a little bit faster but you'll be fine. Here we go. Ready, set, slide, slide, double hop, slide, double hop, slide, double hop, slide. This is great for your lower legs, or your calf muscles, double hop, slide, double hop, slide. You can take a arm up, slide, double hop, slide. Let's do two more, slide, double hop, slide, double hop, and done. Alright? I'm already getting a little bit of a workout, so enjoy take that with you and have fun.

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