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How to Do a Dip, Step, Rock Dance Move

Learn how to do the dip, step, rock dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Hey guys. Alright, this next one is called the dip, step, rock dance move. And it's three simple things. It's a dip, a step and then you get to rock it out, okay. It's gonna be working again your quads and your booty, your hamstrings, cause we're gonna get low and then we're gonna take it up. So think of it as a moving squat, okay. So, come over to your left, you're gonna move to your right. So you're gonna dip, step and then just rock, yeah. Dip, step, rock. That's all it is, three simple steps. Dip, step, rock. Okay, let's take it slow again. Dip like you're going under something, feet together, rock it out. And dip, step, rock it out. Let's try it up the tempo, okay. Dip, step rock it out. Ready, set, here we go yeah. Dip, step rock it out, dip, step, rock it out, dip, rock it out, dip. You can put your hands on your thighs, or you can leave them down, yeah, rock it out. Dip, you can do whatever you want with your arms on the rock. Yeah, rock it out, dip, let's do one more, dip, rock it out and done. Okay, so again you're gonna feel that in your thighs, it's a good workout for your lower body and also cardio so that you keep moving. Enjoy.

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