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How to Do the Kickbacks Dance Move

Learn how to do the kickbacks dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


This next one is called the kick back step. All this is going to be working are your hamstrings, your quads, and again working on that cardio so that you're burning calories. And having a good time while doing it, right.

These are in sets of three. You're going to kick your feet back three times alternating. One, two, three, and hold. Then you go to the other side. One, two, three, hold.

Let's start with our right foot back. Right, left, right, now left foot. Back, back, back.

If you want it easier you keep your foot on the floor. I'm going to turn to the side and show you. So, you're going to keep your foot on the floor, yes. If you want to take it up a notch you can let your foot just hover right over the floor. That might get a little tricky when you speed it up, but definitely challenge yourself.

We're going to take it up to tempo. Foot on the floor. Right foot. Right, left, right, hold. And left, right, left, if you want I'm going to take it off the floor. One, two, three, hold. Last time. One, two, three, hold.

Now, one more thing. Let's take it up even faster so that you're really getting that cardio aspect of the workout. It's going to go kick kick kick hold, kick kick kick hold.

Ready, set, here we go. Right foot. Kick kick kick hold. Kick kick kick hold. Or off the floor, hold. Off the floor, or on. On the floor, hold. On the floor, hold. One more time. Last one. One two three hold.

Alright. Hope you're enjoying. Get your cardio on. Burn some calories. And, of course, have fun while you're doing it.

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