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How to Do the Arm Swings Dance Move

Learn how to do the arm swings dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


This next one is called the arm swings dance move.

It's a very basic step with the feet, but I want you to focus and swinging and using your arms, so we start to incorporate our upper body into the workout. I want you to bend the knees, bring your arms over to the left, and you're going to swing to the right. Swing, hold. Swing, hold. Think of these as bicep curls. Swing, curl, so that you're working the bicep right here. Swing, hold. Swing, hold. Also, you're always getting a leg workout here, because your legs are bending into the floor, knees are bending and your quads are working. You can take it at this tempo, or you can speed it up. Swing. Swing. Really work those arms. Make a fist with your hands. Swing, swing, release, swing. Good.

Let's do 4 more. 3 more. Last 2. Last 1. Good. So, you can do about 20 of those. Count them as right-left is one. Right-left is two, so that you're getting that workout. You're working your arms and, of course, having fun. Enjoy.

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