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How to Do a Pull Down Dance Move

Learn how to do the pull down dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Hey guys. This next one is called the Pull Down Dance Move. It's similar to the High Steps Move where you're picking your knees up and you're working your abs. So, think of this again as a core exercise and also cardio. Core and cardio working together to get you fit. Okay?

So I want you to pick up your right foot first. Lift your arms overhead and bring them towards one another. One, two. And then we're going to do two on the right. So, single, single, double on the right. Pull down, pull down, and then two. So, it's single, single, double, single, and then double, double. One, one here's your double, two. Okay?

So think of these as crunches. Yes? You're working your obliques. You're working your abs. Single, double, good, and stop there. Relax.

So you can keep it at that speed, or if you want you can speed it up. The tempo's going to go single single double, single single double. Alright?

Let's start slow. Let's do four slow, and then speed it up. Okay? So lift your arms up. You're going to lift your right knee up first. And we have single, single, double. That's one. Single, single, double. That's two. Single, single, double. That's your third one. Last one right here.

Let's speed it up right away. Here we go. Single single double. Single, so you've got to make it a little bit shorter. One, two, double. One, two. One more time. Last one. One, two, and hold. Alright?

So, it's core, it's cardio, and it's going to help you bring this in and get nice and tight so you're ready for the beach, you're ready for bathing suits, you're ready for anything. Enjoy.

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