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How to Do a Triple Hop Dance Move

Learn how to do the triple hop dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay, so this next one is called the triple hot move, and this is going to be working your calf muscle, again working your cardio, and you're going to get a workout also in your quads, because we jump out into a squat on the third hop.

So what does all that mean? You're going to hop one, two, and then land on the third one, into a squat position, you want to keep your shoulders up, you want your feet to land wider than your shoulders, keep your knees bent. Don't let your knees do this, right, you want your knees to track right with your toes, so that you're working in good form, okay? So again, two hops in, the third one is out, nice and slow to start, okay? We have one, two, out, okay, again, at one, two, out. I like to think of these as hip hop style jumping jacks, so instead of doing boring old jumping jacks, you get to add a little flair, a little funk to your jumping jack, okay? Hop, hop out, here we go. Ready, and hop, hop, out, and land, hold, and again, hop, hop, out.

Now you can take this slow and really jump up high, so that you're working your legs, yes, up, up, out and then get low, yes? Up, up, out, and hold. Or you can make this a cardio element and speed it up, okay? So we would do hop, hop, hold, hop, hop, hold, let's try that, let's get the cardio going. Ready, set, go, you have hop, hop, hold, trip, pull, hop, one, two, hold, get low, one, two, shoulders up, hop, hop, hold. And of course have a little funk with your arms, you don't have to keep them right here like this, yeah, you can let them be free. One, two, hold, one, two, hold. Once more, one, two, hold, all right? Good. So cardio, working the quads, working the calf muscles, take it slow and jump up higher, or speed it up and get the cardio, all right? Good stuff.

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