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How to Do a Heel Touch Dance Move

Learn how to do the heel touch dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Alright. So this next one is really focusing on the back of your legs, your hamstrings. It's called the heel touch and all that you're doing is literally touching your heel but you're going to reach around behind to touch your heel. So you're gonna reach and touch, touch, touch, and then let's just clap, double clap. Touch, touch, touch and clap, yeah, reach, reach and touch, reach and clap. So I'm gonna turn around so you can see exactly what's happening. Think of these as hamstring curls, right. You see at the gym when the people are on the little machine they're pushing their leg up, they're working the hamstring, the back of the leg. So, we're doing mini hamstring curls and touching our heels. So I'm gonna turn around. I want you to pick up your right foot, okay, reach with the left hand. Touch, touch, touch and then two claps. And left, and right and left, clap, clap. Touch, touch, touch, good. Alright so, you can take it slow but I wanna take it up a notch so that not only are you working your hamstrings but you're getting the cardio element in as well. So you're gonna start again with your right foot, left hand, opposite hand and foot, okay, here we go, let's do it. And one and two and three, and one and two and three, and one and two and three and one, two, let's do two more. One, two, last one. Hit, hit, hit. Cool, now if you can't touch your foot, totally fine, you can just pretend, right, but still get that foot back so that you're working the back of your legs. So here's what the modification would be. Yeah, touch, touch, touch, clap clap. Okay, let's take the modification and then the regular one up to speed. Here we go, right foot and touch, touch, touch, so you're almost touching your foot, yeah. Just in case you can't, I still want you to get the work out. One, two, now try the touch and up, up, up. You can even look, look, look, so that you're not staring straightforwards right. Get your head in it, one, two, three and one, two, three, last time and one, two, three. Cool, alright, enjoy. You'll feel that back here and it'll help summertime, get that leg nice and long, looking good. Alright, enjoy.

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