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How to Do a Stripper Squat Dance Move

Learn how to do the stripper squat dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


OK. So this next one is just a simple squat but we're gonna add a hip hop funky flair to it so that you're not just doing the same ole boring squat. OK. You're gotta have fun while you're working out. So, I want you to separate your feet a little bit wider than your shoulders, a little bit wider than your hips. You're keeping your core engaged at all times. Shoulders are back. You're gonna bind you knees. Stick your butt back. OK. So just come down. This is the basic of the squat. Yes. You're keeping your chest up. Your butt goes back. And the main thing I want you to really think about is pushing into your heels on the way up. So, once you come down, hold it here with me. Now, push through your heels to come up. That's what's gonna get your butt and hem strings working. OK. So that you get that nice lift if you know what I mean. So, of course we're not gonna have our hands right here. We wanna let our arms be loose and free. OK. So, bring it down and then up. So you're just switching. Down for two and up. OK. You can add a little shoulder into it. Yeah. Make it your own. Two. Up. From here, I wanna take it up in tempo. So were going down and up on that beat. OK. Ready, set, go. We have down and up. And down and up. Remember, push through your heels on the way up. Down through the heel. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Let's do four more. Four. Up. Three. Up. Two and one. Good. So, how many should you do? All right. I would say let's do 3 sets of 12. So, you're gonna do it 12 times. Take a break, do it again. Take a break, do it again. 3 sets of 12. That's gonna get the optimum work. That's when you're gonna see those results of the squat. OK. Remember, if it bothers your knees too, don't go down all the way. Don't go super low. Keep it high. But like I said, the main thing is is that you're pushing into your heels on the way up. OK. Keep it fun. Keep it funky and it won't be a burden. OK. You gotta have fun while you're doing it. Enjoy.

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