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How to Do a Top Rock Dance Move

Learn how to do the top rock dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay. This next one is a little bit more of a fun exercise. It's not super serious. I want you to take this as something to do for cardio or something to do as a break or recovery step in between some other things. Okay?

It's called the top rock. It's super simple. It's based in break dancing. And it's just fun. And then you can also look really cool when you're doing it. So you can impress your friends at home, at the club, or in the gym. Out on the streets. Where ever you are. Okay?

So you're going to take your right foot and rock forward and back. Okay? This is just the basic of it. Without any flair. Just the basic step. Your arms are going open, cross. Open, cross. Open, cross. The feet without the arms are going right foot, up, left foot. So you're literally stepping forward and rocking up. Rocking up. So we're going to add the arms with the feet. Okay. Start here. Rock to the right, down and up. Down and up.

See, I keep my back foot on the floor and I just come towards the toe of my back foot. Up. And rock and up. And rock. And up.

If you know this step, you can take it up in tempo. Or you can even add a little bit of a hope to it. So that you're getting that impact and that cardio. Okay? Or you keep it low and into the floor if you don't feel like jumping. Okay? So let's take it again.

We're only going to take this one slow so that you can really get the step and enjoy it. Okay? So you start with your arms crossed. Right foot we have, top, rock, up, yeah? Top, rock, up. Top, rock, up. Okay?

I think you got it. Let's just speed it up, just a little bit. Okay. So it's going to be, rock and up. Rock and up. Ready, set, here we go. To the right. Top rock, top rock. Rock it out. Let's do 4 more. Four, three, two, and one. Okay?

So, again, this is simple. It's just a fun move to have in your back pocket. You want to pull it out when you're at the club. Whether that's the dinner club or the real club. Have fun with it. This is something to recover from a harder step. Okay? Enjoy.

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