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How to Do a Snake Lunge Dance Move

Learn how to do the snake lunge dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


All right this next one is a great one for your butt and your hamstrings. It's called the snake lunge and it's just your typical good old fashioned lunge stepping back, but we have to add a little funk to it so you have a good time working yourself out. Right. So I'm gonna do the basic lunge first. The key elements here is that you step your foot back. OK. Your front knee stays over your front heel and your back knee is bent as well. Shoulders are up, core is engaged. Yeah. Down feet together. And then do the other side. Yeah. Down and up. That's it, it's super simple. I'm gonna turn to the side so you can see that again. So my shoulders stay up my core stays engaged. Step back. See how the front knee is over the front heel. This back knee is bent. OK, don't turn that knee out, keep it down towards the floor and then come up. And then you can do the other side. Down and up. Alright, so how do we make it funky, how do we add that little hip-hop flare to it. You're gonna snake with your arms on the way down. Yeah, so a snake moves this way. You're gonna add that with your arm's on the way down. So let's start with our right foot back lunging snake lunge. Here we go we have down and up, and down and up. We're gonna take it nice and slow because I want you to feel the work in your legs. This one's not supposed to be fast. OK, keep it slow so that you're getting the work. Down and up and down and up. I'm gonna turn to the side again so you can see me. Kay. Down and up, and snake and up. See how low you can go. Down and up, but don't compromise your form, right. You gotta keep the chest up. Down and up and down and up. Alright. Let's do 4 more together. I'm gonna face you right foot back to start. Here we go. We have down and up and down and up. Good. Down and up. Last one. Down and up, so again this is working your hamstrings, it's working your gluts. Take it slow, don't compromise your form dropping your shoulders. OK. Keep the shoulders up, keep that back heel up. Right, so don't do something crazy with this back leg. Form is important. OK, so enjoy the snake lunge.

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