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How to Do a Cross Open Dance Move

Learn how to do the cross open dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay you guys, this next one is also, again, one of my personal favorites. It's called the Cross Open. And I just kind of showed you with my hands cross open, but we're going to be doing it with our feet and our legs. It's a great lower body workout. You're going to get low into a nice hip hop style squat. But first you have to cross your feet.

So, we're going to break it down nice and slow to start. Cross your feet. Cross right over left, and then jump out, and hold. Okay? And then you can just rock it out. And then you go to the other side. Cross left over right. Cross, out, rock it out. Okay?

So that's the slow version. Now, if you take it up in tempo the rhythm is a little bit different. It's cross out, okay? Cross open, cross open. Okay? So, we're going to do it first slow, and then take it up to tempo. So cross open to start. Ready? Go. And cross open, good. Cross open, and cross open. So get low, into the floor. Get that jump. Cross down, good. Cross down.

So, you're working your legs. You're going to feel that in your quads and in your lower legs as well. I want to take it up in tempo so that you get the feel of the 90s, right. This is like one of those great moves from that era, right? Where you got down. It's like at a house party. So take yourself there. Go to that house party. Do the Cross Open.

Ready? Here we go. Up to tempo, down, two, three, and down. Two, three, and down. Two, three, and down. Two, three, again down. Two, three, and down. Two, three. Good.

So, how many should you do? Let's say ten. Do ten, and then see how you feel. Okay? Enjoy you guys.

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