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How to Do the 2 Up 2 Down Dance Move

Learn how to do the two up two down dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Alright you guys. This next one is one of my favorites. It's a great upper body workout. It's great for your shoulders, and for your entire upper body for your arms. So, it's called the two up two down. And the reason why is because you're going to hit your arms up twice, and down twice. What does that mean? So I want you to separate your feet. Bend your knees. Get the nice, low, comfortable position. Now we're going to start by going one up, one down. Now here it is. Two up. And then. Down, up. Two down. So see where the two up, and two down come down? Okay? Or you can think single single double, single single double. But the main thing is that you keep your shoulders up. You keep your core engaged. This is an upper body workout. Okay?

So let's take it slow to start. Up. Down. Two up. Down. Up. Two down. Again like that. Up. Down. Two up. And down. Up. Two down. Now, I like this one. So we have to take it up to tempo. This is a great beat for this song. Whatever song you're dancing to, get a really good, faster beat to it. Okay? So that you can really work your upper body out. So again, bend your knees. Get nice and low. Here we go. Faster. Up. Down. Two up. Down. Two down. Up. Two up. Down. And just have fun with it. Right? Down. Two down. Up. And down. Again. Up. Two up. Down. Two down. Last one. Two up. Two down. And hold. Alright?

You'll feel that in your shoulders. You'll really start to feel the burn. Okay? So again, if you're comfortable, take it up to tempo. Challenge yourself. So that you start to burn those calories. You don't even need weights. You have your own arms to make yourself look good. Okay? So enjoy two up, two down.

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