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How to Do the Shoulder Roll Over Dance Move

Learn how to do the shoulder roll over dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay you guys, this next one is called the shoulder roll over. It's tough to say, easy to do. This one is, again, working your upper body. All you're doing is literally rolling your shoulders forward.

Get your arms out here like this with me. I want you to learn the upper body first, then we'll get into what the feet are doing. So, here, make fists with your hands, then take your elbows and roll from back to front. Shoulders and elbows rolling back to front. Back to front. This is also a good warmup step if you want to take it a little bit slower just to get your upper body warm, get your joints nice and loose. Otherwise, it's great for cardio. It's great, again, for working the shoulders.

Now with the feet. You're going to step forward with your left foot. Facing the right, you're going to roll over and then switch. Roll over, and switch. Roll over, and roll over.

Notice, you're stepping towards me, towards me. Don't step back. Step towards me. Left foot steps forward, right foot steps forward. Left foot, now add the arms. Shoulder roll over, shoulder roll over. Good. This is a slow tempo. You can use this in your warmup. You're just gettnig ready.

Or, you can take it up in tempo and speed it up to get the cardio. We're going to speed it up. You're going to start to face the right first. Your left foot comes towards me. We're going to do it eight times each side. Ready? Here we go. We have eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Good.

Again, that's called the shoulder roll over. You're going to feel that all through your upper body working your arms, and also getting that cardio so you're burning calories.

Shoulder roll over. Hard to say, easy to do. Enjoy.

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