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How to Do the Roll Around Dance Move

Learn how to do the roll around dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay you guys. So for this next one, it's call the roll-around.

And this is one of those warm up steps that you want to use to get your upper body warm. It's also a great core workout. But again, like I said, it's for the warm up. To warm up your rib cage, warm up your torso before you get moving. So, separate your feet, put your hands right here on your hips.

Now, the way I want you to think about this is as if your shoulder and your hips are trying to move towards one another. So what is that mean? So, think about your right shoulder and your right hip wanting to move towards each other. So, if my hip goes back, my shoulder is going to want to go back. Right. See that. Side, back. So you're going to use that with both shoulders and hips. And take it all of the way around for the roll around. Okay?

So, hands on the hips. A shoulder is chasing after or it's trying to touch a hip. Okay? So, side, back, side, side. Yeah and then front, front. So think of that. You don't want to break it down so that it's sharp. You want it to roll. Okay? But I want you to think about that idea. The shoulders and the hips moving towards one another. Alright. So bend. Here we go. We have a roll around. Roll around.

So you get the shoulders moving. You get the hips moving and you're working your core. Roll around.Okay? And then you can switch directions. So the left shoulder to left hip. And then to the back, yes? So here, back and then around. Okay? Don't forget to hit all sides. Both shoulders and both hips. Okay? Lets go to the left. Ready, and side, back, front. Good. So it's simple. It's easy.

Yeah this is again, one of those ones you can take with you. Do it at the club. Do it on the streets or in the gym. It's a good warm up for the rib cage. So we're going to take four to the right, and four to the left. So that you get an idea. We're going to take it up to tempo.

Roll around here we go, we have. Roll around. Roll around. Roll, other way and roll around. Roll around. Let's do it again. To the right. Roll, roll,roll, roll, now to the left. Roll,roll, roll, roll.

Yeah, you're going to feel that in your torso. In your core. Throughout your rib cage. It's just a great way to start off your work out. Okay? Have fun.

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