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How to Do the Kick Cross Rock Step Dance Move

Learn how to do the kick cross rock step dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Hey guys, so this next one is one of my favorites, it's the kick, cross, rock, step. It's got that break dancer feel to it. It's a great cardio workout, you can do it for 30 seconds, you can try to do it for a whole minute. It's that cardio workout so that you're burning calories, and it's just fun, okay.

So we're going to break it down nice and slow first, because the steps can be a little complicated, but do not quit on me. Right? So, take your right foot, kick it out. Now, cross over, and then rock, step. That's all that it is. And you take the same foot, left foot, kick, cross, rock, step. Yes, super simple. Let's do it four times really slow. So that you get those feet, cross over, kick, cross over, rock, step. Kick, cross, rock, step. Kick, cross over, rock, step. Same foot kick, cross, rock, step. OK? We're gonna take it up in tempo, but I want you to think of a few things. Relaxing your upper body, yes that's one. Two, bend your knees, drop your weight into the floor.

Okay, those two things will help you to get the step. I don't want you to be uptight and dancing up here, right? You want to relax. You want to have fun with this one. Okay? So kick, cross, rock, step. Kick, cross, rock, step. Let's a little up the tempo, don't get freaked out about it, relax. Less up here, more down here. Starting with the right foot, ready, set, here we go, and, kick, cross, rock, step, cross, yeah, and you can just get funky with it. lee, kick, cross, rock, step, kick, cross, kick, cross. Okay, don't think so much, let your feet do the work. Kick, cross, kick, cross, kick, cross, relax, rock, step, last one, hold. Okay, so once again, if you're not ready for that higher speed take it down a notch, keep it slow. Yeah. Let's break it down one more time just in case you missed it. Kick, cross, rock, step, cross, rock, step. Kick, cross, rock, step. I'm gonna speed it up right away. Here we go. Kick, cross, kick, cross, kick, cross, there you go, kick, kick, cross, rock, step, rock, step. Last one, hold. Okay, so take that with you. Have fun, relax, less up here, more down here with your feet. Enjoy.

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