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How to Do the Vogue Arms Dance Move

Learn how to do the vogue arms dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Alright you guys, this next one's a favorite one of mine. It's a great upper body workout. It's inspired by the dance style voguing, okay? And that dance style is known for its intricate armwork. So, we're going to keep it pretty basic, okay? We're not going to get too crazy with it, but it's an excellent workout for your shoulders and for your entire upper body.

So I want you to take a nice, wide stance so that we're multitasking. We're working our legs, but we're also working our arms, okay? So bend your knees. Toes are slightly rotated out. Knees are tracking the same direction as your toes. Core is engaged. This is up, okay? You don't want to hang over like this. You want to be lifted. Now, take your arms straight out, energy all the way through your fingertips.

Now, fold your arms in. Now drop your elbows. Now lift. And then start over from the beginning. Fold in. Drop 'em down. Lift 'em up. Open.

Now, I know. This might seem like coordination. I don't know what's happening. But relax, okay? Less up here. More in the arms. So. Start out. Fold in.

In. Down. Up. Open. In. Down. Up. Open. In. Down. Up. Open.

Okay? Super easy! Shake your legs out! We're going to try it again, but we're going to speed it up in tempo so that you feel them, okay? So, bend the knees, get nice and relaxed in the lower body, working the thighs, abs in, arms out. Here we go.

In first. In. Down. Up. In. Down. Up. In. Down. Up. Good.

See if you can get lower in your legs, yeah? How low can you go?

And in. Down. Up. In.

Energy all the way through the fingertips, okay? You can't do it like this. It's not gonna work, okay? Energy all the way through. Ready, set, in.

Here we go. In. Down. Up. And in. Down. Up. In. Down. Up. One more. In. Down. Up. Hold.

Then you can just hold this. Hold it for a minute, see how that feels after a while, okay? Relax. So, those are the voguing arms.

Enjoy. Use that. Take it a few times over and over again. You're really going to start to feel the burn so that you get some nice, long, lean arms. Alright?


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