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How to Do the Get Under It Dance Move

Learn how to do the get under it dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Hey you guys. What's up. It's called the Get Under It. So, obviously you're gonna have to get low to get under it. So, separate your feet. Bend your knees. Get nice and low. Hold your abs in so your core is engaged. Put your arms right here. I'm gonna start with just the arms so that you get a good idea of what they're doing. Turn your right arm up and shift. And then to the left and then two to the right. One. Two. So it's single, single, double. OK. Single, single, double to the right. Single, single, double to your right. There we go. And single, single, double to the left. Single, single, double to the right. OK. You're gonna feel that in your arms and in your shoulders. So, now, we gotta add the get under affect which is you're bending your knees and you're getting low and under it each time. OK. So, get low. Arms out. We're gonna take it at a slower tempo to start. So we have get under it. That's it. Single, single, double. Sit. Single, single, double. Last one. Single, single, double, set. OK. Super easy. Single, single, double. That's all you have to remember. You're working your legs. You're working your upper body. You're even working your abs because of all this twisting through the torso and the rib cage. But I want to speed it up. So, come back with me, we're gonna take it up. The rhythm's gonna be single, single, double. Single, single, double. Ready? Here we go. Right arm single, single, double. Single, single, get under it. Under. Get up. How low can you go? Single, single, last one. Single, single, double. Hold. OK. So, again, it's called Get Under It. It's a great entire body work out. It's fun cardio. Try it with a friend. Have them stand in front or behind you and have them going the other way. It's so much fun and it's a good way to work out. Enjoy.

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