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How to Do the Wind It Back Dance Move

Learn how to do the wind it back dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay, you guys, this next one's really fun. It's very sexy, it's cool. It's another one that you can do at your warm up or at your cool down, okay. It's called the wind it back. So I need you to walk forwards towards me, okay. Now put your right foot back and bring your left hip forwards. Now, you're gonna rotate your hip counterclockwise, okay. So think, around, yes, around and then you switch feet, clockwise, yes, around and around, around, one more time, around, around. It's super simple, it's also gonna work your abdominals and your waistline, okay. So you're rolling your hip forwards and forwards, winding it back, okay. So, again, right foot back, wind it back, switch, wind it back, good. Use your abdominals, use your obliques. Wind it, back, okay. So four times, right left, right left. Let's try it again, yeah. Nice and slow, this is chill, it's cool. So we have, wind, wind, wind, wind. You can get your arms and your upper body into it. Wind and wind, wind, okay. Like I said, this is an easy one to take. You can add it to another cool down or warm up step so that you have a nice flow of your movements, okay. Enjoy.

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