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How to Do the Quick Feet Dance Move

Learn how to do the quick feet dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Alright you guys this next one is a favorite of mine. It's called the Quick Feet. It's fast feet moving to the side and you're working out your cardio. Ok? So don't stress out about the feet being complicated. It's super simple. It's just side to side. So start with your toes and your knees facing in the same direction. Now you're going to do right left to the side, like this. Ok? Then left right to the other side. That's it. Ok, imagine you're trying to dodge something. Quick get out of the way. Quick feet. Quick feet. Yes? Quick feet. Channel your inner football player, right? You know how they're moving fast and they run their feet. So get that but add the hip hop sense to it, ok? So left right, right left. Left right. Right left. Now we're gonna add the rhythm in the upper body to it, as well. So there's a pause between each side. OK? So you're gonna do right left, chest pop or open close and chest pop right here. Quick feet. Open close. Quick feet. Open close. OK? If that's to much, just quick feet, hold, quick feet, hold.Ok? We're gonna take it up in tempo because I want you to get your heart rate up. I want you to be dancing at home or wherever you're at and burning calories. I want your hert to be beating faster. Ok? So we're gonna go to the right and to the left, ok? So your right foot's going which means you're actually going to the left, yeah? But don't think to much, more down here. Follow with me. Here we go. We have quick feet, quick feet, quick feet, quick feet. Side step, one, two and ba, ba da ba. Good. One, two. One, two. Quick feet, quick feet. Use those arms. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Good. Ok? So you should start to feel your heart rate increasing. It's a good one for cardio. See how long you can go. 30 Seconds? A minute? Side to side. Keep your knees bent and keep your toes and your knees moving in the same direction at all times, alright? Enjoy!

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