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How to Do the Hip-Hop Hooray Arms Dance Move

Learn how to do the hip-hop hooray arms dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


All right you guys. This next one is called hip hop hooray arms. If you've ever been to a concert, you've noticed how people put their arms up in the air. They have their lighter or they have their cell phone, right? So we're going to access and channel our inner I'm at a concert, I'm jamming, hip hop hooray style arms, OK? So you're going to start open, close, open, open. Then close, open, keep it, close. OK? Single, single, double, keep it open.

Single, single, double, keep it closed. Now, what is this working, you're wondering. It's really working your upper body because to keep your arms up like this, you have to use your deltoids and your shoulders to stabilize your arms being up, OK? So, once you get it going, you're going to feel your arm muscles start to work, OK? So bend your knees. We're going to start open. It's going to be open, close, stay open, and then close, open, stay closed. OK?

Here we go. We have open, close, stay open. Then close, open, stay closed. Again, slow, slow, stay here. Add cross, open, cross, stay here. OK? Now, I think you've got it. We're going to speed it up. So it's going to be open, close, open, close, open, close. Take that tempo up so you're burning calories. You're working your arms out, all right? Arms up, get ready, set, here we go. To the side. Open, close, open.

Close, open, close. Hey. Right? And ho. Just like you're at a concert. Duck. Open, close, and open, hold, close, hold. One more time each way. Open and close, hold. All right? So do that again. Thirty seconds, a minute, however long you want. Turn on your favorite jam. Rock out and do those arms. You'll feel it, I promise. All right? Have fun.

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