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How to Do a Jazz Square Dance Move

Learn how to do the jazz square dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


OK. You guys this next one is very simple. It's fun. It's an good old school step that we're bringing back. It's called the Jazz Square. OK. So, you're gonna start with your feet together. Now, cross your left over your right. OK. Now, step back, step side and step forward. So, if you look down, you'll notice you're making a square with each foot. OK. It's a little square on the floor. If that's too much for you, then follow along with me. Don't look down. Think less. Use more down here. OK. So, cross, back, side, front. Cross, back, side, front. OK. Left foot. Right, left, forward. Cross, back, side, front. Cross over. Now, step away from me. Side now, towards me. Back right here. Side, good. Cross, side, here. OK. Cool. So, that was pretty simple. Yes. Don't let it get complicated. I'm telling you it's simple because it is. Don't freak out up here. OK. It's working your legs. It's cardio. It's also one of those steps that you can take slow or you can speed it up depending upon where you're at in your warm up or in your workout. Are you warming up? Are you cooling down? Which ever one. If you're warming up, go for a faster tempo. If you're cooling down, slow it down a little bit. OK. So, we're gonna take it slow, then we're gonna speed it up. OK. Cross the left leg over the right. 1, 2, side forward. 1, 2, side. Now let's speed it up. Cross, back, side. Cross, back and then you keep the arms free. Good. Cross, back, side. Cross, back, side. You can add the hips. Cross, back, side. Cross, back, side. You can add the upper body. All right. You can add the whole body. Cross, back, side. OK. Now, as you see, we've always started with the left over the right. Quickly, we're gonna try it to the other side. First, let's do it slow, then we'll speed it up. Jazz Square. So we go right left foot. Cross, back, side, forward. Cross, back, side. Go right foot. Cross, back, side, forward. Cross, back, side, speed it up. One, back, side. Cross, back. Right foot. Right, left. Right, left. Good. Add your hips or your upper body. Back. Right there. Cross and hold. OK. So, you can do it either way. Crossing over with the left or crossing over with the right. Bah, bah, bah. OK. Add them together. Throw some steps in between. It's up to you. All right. Have fun.

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