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How to Do the Tricep Dip & Kick Dance Move

Learn how to do the tricep dip and kick dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay. You guys, we've made our way down to the floor. We're gonna be working on our triceps, that lovely little muscle that wraps around your arm. Sometimes, really hard to get to, but this next one, the triceps dip with a kick, will definitely help you with that.

So, I want you to put your hands behind you, but make sure your fingers are facing me. OK. Don't turn your fingers back. Fingers towards me. Now,toes are straight ahead. I want you to lift your hips up. OK. Really lift through the chest. Keep the abs tight. Now, you're gonna bend your elbows, back, lift, and then you'r gonna kick your foot up and put it down. Down, lift, and then kick the other foot up, and down.

I'm gonna turn to the side so you can see exactly what's happening with my elbows, which way they're going. So, again fingertips are facing your feet. OK. Not this way. This way, OK. Lift up. Chest is lifted. Abs are nice and tight. You're gonna bend your elbows back. Lower, lift, and then you're gonna kick. It doesn't matter which leg you start with. OK. Lower, lift, pick it up, and bring it down. OK. So, you see, the elbows are going back. You want to keep the chest lifted.

So, we're gonna take that same thing. I want you to do four on each side. We're only going to do four, so you can get a good idea for what's going on. But you can do as many as you want. All right. If you start to feel it in your wrists, take a break. Circle your wrist out. Try it again. But, you should not sink into the floor. Right? You really gotta lift up. Ready? Here we go.

Triceps dip. Dip and kick. Good. Like I said, it doesn't matter which leg you start with. Dip. There we go. Kick. Dip. Kick. One more. Dip and kick. OK. You can even just hold here. Your arms are gonna get the work, or even if you hold half way down, that's really gonna burn. Or bring it back up, or hold it. OK.

Regardless, you're really gonna feel that in the back of your arms. OK. There's always the option to do it with a chair behind you. Place your hands on the seat of the chair. OK. But, you can always do it down here, on the floor. All right.

Triceps dip and kick. Enjoy. Get those arms nice and lean. And have a good one.

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