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How to Do the Stanky Leg Dance Move

Learn how to do the stanky leg dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


So this next one - it's called the stanky leg. What the heck is that, right? Don't worry, I've got you. But we've got to keep it stanky, right? We got to keep it like somebody in the room doesn't smell good. That's so you get the stanky face on like you lift one leg up here and you mm kind of face, okay? That's the face, you've got the face down. Yeah, let me see your stanky face - mm, mm, right? And now what are the legs doing?

So stick your left leg out. Lean over towards your right leg so keep this in line, yes? And then you're just going to make your leg, like, look stanky, okay? Don't ask me, right? Stanky leg, here we go. So hit, hit, then you're going to switch to the other side. Stanky leg, cross in back, okay? Stanky leg cross to the other side. So this is working the standing leg, okay, the quad of the standing leg, the thigh, okay? One, two, other side.

Here are your arms. One, two, other side - so the arms are just going like this, okay? And then they switch and hold here to the other side. Swing, swing, other side, okay? Add the legs. Add the stanky face like you sat down next to somebody on the train. They didn't smell so good, right? Stanky face, stanky leg, ready?

Left leg out, here we go. Ready and stanky leg, one, two, other side. Stanky leg, one, two, let's speed it up, yeah? Stanky, turn other side, a one, two, three. Stanky leg. Come on, where's your face? Yeah? You got to have fun with it. But you can't be furious all the time. One, two, three, stanky leg, one, two, three, hit, hit, hold, okay? Get your stanky face on. Get your stanky leg on. This is one to have fun with, yes? Working the lower body. Enjoy this one, you guys.

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