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How to Do the Pivot Lift Dance Move

Learn how to do the pivot lift dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


All right you guys, this next one is called the pivot lift, it's super fun, I don't want you to think that it's super complicated, Okay? Less up here, more down here. We're going to start under tempo and then speed it up. This exercise works your entire lower body, Okay? Your quads, we're going to jump so it's working your calf muscles, it gets our heart rate up so you're burning calories, Okay? This is one of those ones that I want you to take faster as you're doing your workout, yeah? Add that speed to this one.

So you can start here. I want you to face towards your right, now you're going to take your right foot out. Out, pivot, step together, jump. That's it. Pivot lift. Now left foot. Left foot, pivot, toes and knees going in the same direction, step together, jump. Okay? Pivot lift it's like you're going in one direction, you forgot something behind you, so you go back, feet together, jump, step, you forgot something, pivot and lift. If you don't want to jump, you don't have to. You can go pivot lift. Okay? And lift just your heels, or just your shoulders, or shoulders and heels, Okay? If you don't want to do the jump you don't have to. Yeah? So pivot, I'm going to jump, hit. Pivot, lift, then both knees get low. Yeah? Jump, get low, and jump, get low. And last two. Last one pivot, lift. Okay? It's great for your lower body, it's great for your cardio. Remember you can always modify, you don't have to jump. You can do just the shoulder roll, or maybe a heel lift with the shoulder roll. Now we're going to take it up in tempo. So that beat right there. Pivot, lift, pivot, lift, pivot, lift. Ready, set, go. Pivot, lift, pivot, lift, go, go, get low. Into the floor, pivot, jump, or no jump. Pivot, no jump. Now with the jump, pivot, jump. Two more. Last one. Hit. Okay? So that's one of my favorites, its great cardio, because you're having to change directions. Pivot lift, enjoy.

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