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How to Do an Arm-Toning Dance Move

Learn how to do an arm-toning dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay you guys. I want to give you a combination of a few different moves so that you can add them together so you get a longer workout.

This first one is geared towards your arms. Mostly working the upper body. Okay? So we're going to do a series of different arm movements in order to work the arms. So there's five of them. We're going to add five different moves to get one full body workout. Okay?

So you're going to start with simple arm swings. So swing to the right for four. One. Two. Three. Four. From here two up, two down. Single, single, two up. Single, single, two down. Let's do two more of those. Two up. And down. From here we're going to go into hip hop hooray arms. So open, close, open, close open. Close, two more. Open, close. Open, close, open, close. From here into the voguing arms. So you've got to get low right away. Out, in, down, up. Out, in, down, two more. Out. So you can go lower for those next two. Out, in, down. Come up to go into the whacking arms. Front and one, two, three. Single, single, quick quick quick. Right arm, left arm, quick quick quick. Hit, hit, hit hit hit.

Okay? So you have five moves. Arm swings for four. Two up two down. Four times. Hip hop hooray. Four times. Vogue. Four times. Whacking. Four times. Okay? If you're confused, do not worry. I am here to help you. Okay? This is how we're going to do it. Start over towards the left. You're going to swing to the right. Ready? Set? Here we go, with the arms.

One, two, three, two up two down, right away. Two up, and two down. Again two up, two down. Here we go. Hip hop, hooray. Arms. And open. Close. Two more. Open. And close. Now voguing arms. We have out, in, down. Out, in, down. Two more. Out, in, down. Last one. Into whacking arms. One, two, one two three. One, two, one two three. One, two, two three. One, two, and finish.

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