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How to Do a Thigh-Toning Dance Move

Learn how to do a thigh-toning dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


Okay you guys this next one is a combination to work just your lower body really slowing it down, focusing on big muscle groups to work the lower body. We want to work the quads, the hamstrings, and your gluts AKA your booty, alright. So we’re going to add three things together the snake lunge, the cross open and last but not least the simple hip hop squat. Okay. So start with your feet together, keep you’re your chest up, your abs engaged. You’re gonna take your right foot back and snake and up, okay. Snake, we’re going slow because I really want you to feel the work in your leg snake, from here cross open, hold yes. Cross open hold. And you can just rock it out in between one, last one from here you’re going to stay here. Squat, squat bring it up. Post forward, squat, squat bring it up. Squat, Squat bring it up. Squat, squat bring it up. Last one press one down, down bring it up. Okay remember push through your heels on the way up with that squat. Keep your chest up, keep your core engaged. Let’s do all three again. They each happen four times. Right foot back, snake lunge down, snake lunge down. Take it down bring it up. Last one. Now we’re going to cross open, here we go, and open. Good, working those thighs. Rock, and cross last one. Now we stay here and squat. Down, down bring it up. Push through those heels. Down, down bring it up. Down bring it up, push your booty back. Keep your chest up, down, down up. Okay. Shake it out. That’s all for your lower body, you’re going to get a nice definition through your legs, that extra lift in your booty. You’re gonna love it. Yes? Enjoy.

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