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How to Do a Hip-Hop Dance Workout with Rachel Warren

Learn about Rachel Warren, one of Howcast's hip-hop dance workout experts, in this video.


What's up everybody? My name is Rachel Warren and I have been brought in here by to be the fitness expert for a hip hop workout. And fitness is so important to me.

I kind of believe that it choose me rather then me choosing it. I am a professionally-trained dancer. I've been dancing my whole life and gotten to the fitness world through dancing. I teach kids. I teach adults.

It's just important to that you take care of yourself right because you have to start here before you can work with anybody else. So, form 6 year old to 60 year old, I work with everyone. I teach for Crunch gyms right now. You can catch me anywhere at any Crunch location in New York, in Brooklyn.

I do everything from dance-based classes to strength-based work, pilates work, yoga work. You name it, I'll help you out. Yes, I also really really love teaching dance as well. That's my passion. That's everything to me. So I try to incorporate some sort of dance into each workout I do. So that you're having fun while you're working out. That's super important to me, that you don't stress out in the gym. Or see it as a burden or this labor. That it become something that you look forward to doing, right?

And that you can take care of yourself. Cause you only get body. You can also check me out out online. Check out my website. It's That's R-a-e-c world dot com. You can also like my fan page by looking up Rachel RaeC, no space between the Rae or the C, I know it's important, Warren. Again that's Rachel Raec Warren. Like me, follow me, check me out, enjoy the videos, watch them over and over again. And I hope to see you in class or at the gym.

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