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Yoga Poses You Can Do at Work

Learn yoga poses you can do at work from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


We're going to be doing yoga poses that you can do at work. First one has ladies in mind. So most of us who go to the workplace are wearing shoes that aren't necessarily the most comfortable, high heels. Even men, you know, wearing shoes that aren't so comfortable.

So take a moment. Take the shoes off. Find your squat. So this is called Malasana. So you're just going to come down. The heels will pop up. Knees, squeeze them together. Knees come towards the floor. Not on the floor, but towards the floor, and the ribcage travels back. Hands to prayer. For most of us right here, that's a challenge. You can use fingertips onto the floor, or if you have blocks on blocks, or anything that's near.

And then once you're here, you're going to take the knees wide. Work the fingertips to the floor, and walk yourself forward. So you're opening up through the feet. You're opening up through the toes, but also getting a decompression of the spine. So you let the head fall down this way.

For more intensity, you can interlace your hands behind your neck, and then exhale. Let everything fall down towards the floor. And take a deep breath in there, and exhale. Good. Come out. Fingertips. Walk yourself back. Knees together, and you can take a forward fold, and roll up to stand.

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