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How to Do a Neck Stretch for Yoga

Learn some neck stretches from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So, we're coming into some stretches for the neck. So, you have a crick in the neck, and you're looking for something easy to do, you can do it on the subway, you can do it at work, you can do it at home. Um, you're going to interlace your hands behind your back all the way to the webbing, and work the heels of the palms together. You're going to work both, or this shape over towards the hip and then that side, but relax your shoulders away from your ears. And that side let that ear fall down towards that shoulder, and as little muscle as you can do here is best. So you're just letting gravity kind of take a hold of the side of the neck, and then stretch. And then opposite shoulder you can work down and you should be able to feel it go all the way up through the side of the ear through the side of the head, and that will relax it to the other side. Just take your knuckles over the the other side, shoulders relaxed away from your ear, and you just let your ear fall toward the side that the hands comes to. And so the opening happens all the way from here down the shoulder and down the arm. Easy, easy.

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