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How to Do a Seated Twist for Energy in Yoga

Learn the seated twist for energy from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So we're going to talk about some seated twists for energy. So first things we're going to talk about. To learn something about the rib cage that we can take into. Which is another seated twist. So the first thing, once you get into is curling one heel in. Other leg extended. And as you take either hand to straddle the leg that's extended, I want you to picture that both sides of the rib cage get long from hip to armpit. So from hip to armpit it's very long. And then the side that you're curling towards, this rib cage must absorb back into your body. I want you to think cat back. That this right rib is absorbed back into the body. And then the left rib cage allows itself to swing to the side.

So first things first, absorbing the right rib cage. Left rib cage lifts up and turns to the side. Then you can start to find your forward fold. But first part of is a twist. So you're absorbing the rib cage, and swinging the rib cage around. And then walking your fingertips there, and coming into full. And walking yourself back out.

So to do that seated spinal. So we'll extend the other leg. Just for this purpose you're going to put one leg onto either side. Or rather, put this leg up and over. The fingertips that come behind should come pretty close in towards the body. It's like, I picture this like a wall that I'm leaning up against. So you can do the hands flat, or you can come up onto fingertips. Or even put a block underneath.

So from here I'm going to set that elbow onto the side. And it's the same thing. I'm going to get long from hip to armpit. And then as I begin to turn, this outer rib cage must absorb into the body, so that the right rib cage can swing to the side. Most of us think the twist is from like the nose or from the chin, and it's much deeper. So think about more from the rib cage. You elongate up. Inhale. Let the left rib cage come back in towards. You think like cat back. And then the right ribs will exhale, spin to the side. And then again, inhale here. And exhale twist. One more, breath in. And exhale twist.

And twists are really good for like wringing out your body. Aiding yourself in digestion. Helping with elimination. A lot of good things to make you feel fresh, and give you a new start. So perfect to do before you go to bed. Perfect to do in the middle of the day. Wake up. Any time.

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