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How to Do a Camel Pose for Energy (Ustrasana) in Yoga

Learn the camel pose for energy from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So we're going to do a heart opener, Camel Pose. Also called Ustrasana. So you're going to begin standing on your knees. You're going to come in standing on the knees. Feet are, rather, knees hip width distance apart. And take your hands like you're wearing jeans and you're putting your hands in your jean pockets. Important part to note, shoulder blades are merging together. So if you have to take a few rolls just to be able to feel where your shoulder blades are in your back, do that. Take the time to do that. And then once you do, once you find your shoulder blades coming together, elbows will also come together. I like to think that the shoulder blades are like two little hands assisting you into this back bend.

So shoulder blades merge together. Especially the bottom tips of your shoulder blades. So shoulder blades come together and assist the heart up. Don't think about going back. Don't think about curling yourself all the way back. That will happen naturally. The harder part here is to support yourself in a healthy way. So use the shoulder blades to assist that. Bring them together, and let the heart lift right up towards the sky. And that's the first thing.

So I'll show you what that looks like. Hands into your pockets. Shoulder blades merged together. Heart lifts up towards the sky. Hips come forward. And then the ears will just curl back as an afterthought. Heart continues to lift. And exhale. And keep with this process. Inhale. And exhale. A good measure is if you can see where the wall meets the floor. And if you can, you can reach down and grab for heel, and grab for the other heel. Still reaching the hips forward, the heart up, shoulder blades together. And the head and neck just relax. Then you'll breathe here. There will be a constriction in your throat, but you just breathe through that.

So to come out, you can bring your hands to prayer. Or even a safer way to do that is to go for the back body supporting your hands and the back body. And then just releasing. Releasing the toes, having a seat onto your heels, and bringing your hands to prayer and ground. Or you can take your hands onto your thighs and press your hands down into your thighs to ground. Super important after this pose is to ground yourself. Because it is opening this vulnerable front body. It's a heart opener. So a lot of things can come up. Nausea. Dizziness. A lot of things can come up. So just sit down, ground yourself, feel what you feel. Especially if you're in a heated room. Take a time to transition, maybe even come into a child's pose. And then enter into your practice again.

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