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How to Use Yoga to Ease Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel

Learn yoga exercises to ease wrist pain or carpal tunnel from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


In especially if you've doing a vinyasa class you're going to be doing a lot of Chaturangas, a lot of planks. Oftentimes that can get to be a lot on the wrists so what's possible for you to do is Padahastasana. You can also do Padangustasana. Hastasana, hand. Gustasana, fingers. Both will work. What you're going to do is you'll come into a forward fold, you'll bend over. Padahastasana is lift up one toe and you're going to slide your hand underneath, toes come up all the way to kiss your wrists. You do that on the second side. Toes come up. You'll find your halfway lift here. Bow the elbows out to the sides and then exhale all the way down.

If that's a lot on your hamstrings don't be afraid to bend your knees, you can just bend your knees and bow the elbows out. You'll see that compression start to be released from the wrist as you pull out. So elbows out to the sides, bowing the nose down towards the shin and that will help to release that. You can use it as a pit stop during your vinyasa. Say you're feeling your wrists: you can inhale, arms up and over head. Exhale, swan dive, forward fold. Find your halfway lift and you can use it right here as a pit stop. Open up, exhale, bow and then releasing the hands and taking yourself right through your vinyasa.

That's an option. Second option I'm going to ask Nile to come on. You can just do roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend can help you here.

All I'm going to do is take the hand, like I'm shaking the hand. Because a lot of times what hurts is the wrist but really it's the musculature above it. All I'm going to do is take one hand to use traction; the other hand will start to find this muscle and you'll feel it. It's this big muscle that comes all the way down here and you're just starting to work with the grain and work against the grain and you'll see that that allows the wrist to really open up. How's that feel? Just like that. There you go. Thanks.

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