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How to Use Yoga to Ease Knee Pain

Learn yoga exercises to ease knee pain from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So during your yoga practice, there are things you can do, there are tools you can take. Especially, if you're nursing, any knee injury, or if you had previous knee injuries. Me being, one, I've played soccer growing up so both of my MCLs are kind of feeling it. So, for me, I use these tools all the time. And, now you can too. So, we'll take you through a series of postures. Of standing postures. To give you tools of how to deal with knee injuries or endorsing any pain.

So, first we'll start with a warriors stance. So let's take a nice long stance. Knee over big toe. So, your inner knee nice and long and your back lean on to the floor. Front heal, back arch roughly is your alignment for this. And your arms will be elongated to the sides. So, for now, I want you to think about firing up the toes. What that's going to do, is actually engage the shin. So, the shin can aid in the knee posture. So, anytime you're coming into this big, deep knee bend in the front, you want to fire up the toes. So, not lifting your toes off of the ground.

Right, so you have the big toe mound, still into the floor. But, the toes are lifting up. Even in the back, they can lift up. But the big toe mound, the pinkie toe mound, the inner heel, and the outer heel are rooting down into the floor. That's going to help protect your knees in these standing poses. Same thing if I straighten a leg and come forward in Trikonasana pose. So, looking like this. The toes can still be fired up because that will keep the shin engaged and help protect the knees.

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