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How to Do a Chest Stretch in Yoga

Learn yoga chest stretches from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So we're coming to a chest stretch, also a shoulder opener. Where you're going to begin is lying face down onto the mat. I'll just show you what your hands are going to be doing. So once you're lying down just take your thumbs to point down to open up the shoulder. So you're going to come and lie down. Put your thumbs down.

Reach your left arm high. And as you do, you start to spin onto the side. And then the leg that starts to come, the knee will bend, and the sole of the foot will find the floor. And the other one will happen, too. So eventually it might just look like this, but eventually you can have both feet onto the floor. And then this hand grasps for the back hand. And I put this block on the side here just as a little pillow, and you'll work the breath. Shoulder blades merge together. Heart is open, and just try to relax the jaw as best you can, breathing in, and breathe out.

To exit, slowly release. So the leg that you're going to roll over is going to become straight, and then this hand's going to reach over. Do this slow. This process, be really, really slow. And you'll roll right back onto your belly. Second side, thumbs down. Foot. Fingertips, and like that. Come out. And like that. Perfect.

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