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How to Do a Warrior One (Virabhadrasana I) Yoga Pose

Learn the warrior one yoga pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


So we're gonna start with Virabhadrasana I, Warrior One. Note that in order to come to this pose, it takes some hip opening. So before you come into the pose, taking yourself through like the sequence of a forward fold, half way lift, lunging out, being here in the lunge, and then finding your downward facing dog. Another fun one to do is lift your right leg, bend your knees, take your right foot into a figure 4, and sit back. Opening up through the buttocks and sides of the hip and the sides of the groin. And then as you step the right foot forward and put the back heel down the floor, you want heel to heel or roughly right lane and left lane. So if you drew a line right down the center of your mat, you want to make sure that your right foot is on the right side and left foot is on the left side and you're not on a tightrope. Cuz that's gonna be really hard to get the hips open once you come up. So make sure you have a right side and a left side. Back toes 45 degrees. As you come up, try not to come up from the back body. Instead, think of looking in at your own navel , curling your tail bone underneath and rolling up through the back body. Reach your fingertips up and overhead. An adjustment that I really like to give myself in this pose is the same arm that the leg is forward, you reach it behind you, grab for your top inner thigh, and spin it up towards that sky. That's gonna allow this left hip to swing forward, and then you can reach the fingertips and re-bend the front knee. Think less about knee and more about shin pulling forward. So and less about bending that knee and reaching the shin forward. Reach the fingertips up high and this is your Virabhadrasana I with pinkies spin in, heart lifts, belly in.

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