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How to Do a Warrior Two (Virabhadfrasana II) Yoga Pose

Learn the warrior two yoga pose from certified yoga instructor Chelsey Korus in this Howcast video.


Alright, so we're going to come into warrior 2 of vero dasano 2. And I will take you through it and through downward facing dog. So, you'll come into downward facing dog. Spreading your fingers, opening the backs of the legs, lifting your hips, belly in. And I'm going to reach the right leg high. Important to keep the hips square and not to open the hip up. So, you're keeping the hips nice and square as though the right foot stayed on the floor.

So you have like a phantom right foot on the floor and then exhale, curl the knee into the nose. Shoulders over wrists, step your foot between your hands and use your eyes as a tool to look the length of your body down so you can put your heel onto the floor and you have front heel back arch in alignment. And then as you cartwheel the arms up, reach with the left fingertips up and around and find your arms here. Once you get here, use your hands on your hips. A lot of times the back hip wants to hike up or the front. You want to find , like mountain pose or neutral in the hips.

So you want to use your hands as a guide, make sure that that's happening. And then, straighten the front leg, just so that you can get inner knee nice and long. From a teacher of mine, her name is Lisa Zaloga, she's brilliant, she'll say something about the inner knee and the outer knee having a race. And the inner knee wins. So, you look down at the front and the inner knee is going to win the race. So then you reach your arms out to the sides. Important that you reach just as much of the back as the front. So a lot of times we just focus on this front hand and it takes our torso, not over the hips, so you want the rib cage hovering over the hips, reaching your fingertips nice and long. Your gaze is over your front middle finger, nice and soft, right? So, super soft front gaze. And then finding a nice long warrior stance. And that's warrior 2.

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